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Crouching Tiger? No, Hidden Lug-nut.

I had intended to work on some certifications that I could get on-line for Open Pantry stuff but I wound up just gathering a bunch of links and account signing instead.

Actually had a challenging time at the free yoga session I catch every once and a while. I'm thinking almost being the only one to attend and opening my big mouth about wanting to do the handstand poses might have nudged the instructor a bit.

Jazzin' Tiffin is currently in full swing. I was griping due to the ac plugging the window but it's cool enough that I turned it off and opened the others. Someone must have fiddled with the sound too cuz it's coming through clearing than it was a few minutes ago. The worst of the stormy weather must be past. It's still prematurely dark anyways bleh.

I also finally started in on duolingo yay. I'm doing insane level pace in Spanish cuz really I have no excuse to not learn it. Maybe after a while I might try to scramble myself a bit and pick up another one. Maybe Japanese? I can't even remember if that's an option. In all my brilliance I keep created characters that speak French (Mai Kanzaki, Terra Vons aka Firma) so really that one might help to.

A program called Discord might be the new yahoo messenger now that it's been stripped of nearly all it's cool options like voice chat. Fluffy says he made a server but my brain was so fried I can't recall what it is anymore so I have to wait for him to pop online.

Project Winter Blanket needs to start soon. I really still don't know what colors I want so I'm going to be a fun indecisive mess for the people at Pat Catan's to deal with. I already have another scarf commission on its heels too. Heh Project Red-Eye is fitting for it and amuses me to no end.

Otherwise it's work work work. I'm getting psyched up for November with National Novel Writing Month and all that. I really should get around to putting more of that stuff up here. Oh-oh-oh I just got finished reading Don Quixote! It seems like a good parts edit with summed up chapters and all but this copy had both parts at least. When I read Faust by Goethe I was more than a touch annoyed that it was only "the first part." I favor completion what can I say? A coworker gave me the novelization of Clash of the Titans and I'll start in on that Monday.

Well here's to still livin' and kickin'. Laterz


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Sep. 11th, 2016 01:41 am (UTC)
Ah, life
ooohh. sounds like fun, I need to get back onto Duolingo again.
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