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Crouching Tiger? No, Hidden Lug-nut.

Year 1 PE Report!!!11

Is that a demonic duck of some sort?

Yup still funny lookin'.Collapse )
I'm so glad I still have some coding skills.

Level up!

I thought I had a clever title...

Been preoccupied level grinding real life.

Huh, well that's different.

At the library again bwahahaaha. I don't have a printer.
Today will be a long ramble day. Once I'm done here I'll head for Hedges via somewhere for lunch. The vegan shop looks like it's under new management so I might check that out. Gotta love how having a more physically active job has led to more physical activity during my free time. I'm aiming at getting some more scribbling in while hanging out at the park for as long as I can stand it. Fairy Tail has been on the brain a lot lately now that I've been playing catch up. Part of what's a challenge in writing is suddenness with out being cheesy.
I don't have much planned through the week so we'll see what happens between the morning shuffle, work, WoW and sleep.
I think I have all the big bills for the year done so I've been debating saving vs aggressively paying off at least my credit card. Staying a efficient tightwad is looking like it's sticking for now. It's hard for me to get out of the mind set that for some reason I'm going to loose everything I saved up so I keep putting things off.
Something something something...
Still reading the same books and pink doom is waiting on feed back. That's pretty much it.